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Sponsor Cat Club

Not all of our cats get adopted. Unfortunately we have more and more who need to stay under the care of Pussycat Lodge because they have health conditions that can involve regular vet care and medication.


Like you, we feel that no cat should be put to sleep that can live a full and happy life with the correct care, monitoring, and treatments so PCLT currently have over 40 sponsor cats being cared for in several sponsor homes. 

The Sponsor Cat Club has been created so we can all be a part of giving these special fur babies the best life possible, for as long as possible. Donations raised by our Club members all go towards the ongoing medical care of our sponsor cats so their sponsor mums and dads can focus on their day to day needs, without the additional financial burden. 

Despite all their different needs, we ensure our sponor cats enjoy life! Whether that is playing, enjoying cuddles and fuss, listening to the birds, simply watching the world go by, or curling up in one of the many cosy baskets or beds for a snooze. If you would like to know more about some of the Ssponsor cats in our care, please click the images below.

Sponsoring a cat couldn't be easier and sponsorship starts at just £5 per month, or £55 per year. You will receive a 'Mewsletter' twice yearly with updates on our various sponsor cats and lots of other Pussycat Lodge Trust information.

Your support is very much appreciated, and does make a huge difference. All the forms you need can be downloaded from the links below:

SPONSORSHIP FORM - I would love to join the PCLT Sponsor Cat Club

DONATION FORM - Standing Order or cheque donations

GIFT AID FORM - I am a UK taxpayer and can Gift Aid my donations

If you would like any more information on our Sponsor Cat Club then please contact our Sponsorship Secretary, Kerry Whitaker, by email on

Kerry has just taken over this role and if you would like to find out more about her, and her reasons for volunteering please click HERE!

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