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Feral cats

Would you like a garden cat that will may let you stroke them (if they’re in the mood!)  but just doesn't want to live inside?  All they need is food and a warm, dry and safe shelter. Whilst Pussycat Lodge doesn’t have the resources, space, or funds of the national charities it is one of the very few charities to take in feral cats, as we believe cat rescue should be for ALL cats. Many of the larger charities are reluctant to take them on but PCLT has an excellent record in re-homing feral cats.

The problem of colonies of cats breeding out of control is increasing. These are often feral cats and domestic cats which join the group when they are abandoned or discarded by their owners. Often large colonies of feral cats frequent industrial sites and the rears of shops, continually giving birth to kittens which do not all survive. It is a harsh life for some feral cats.

If you think you can help us home our feral cats please contact Andrea on 07940 913 082 or complete our online contact form.



PCLT has had a special feral pen built for them with an outside area so they can sun themselves, they even have a tree to climb.  Our experienced warden Andrea has a unique skill in handling them (she has the scars to prove it).


All our feral cats have their own names and personalities! They operate best in pairs, or groups, and make great vermin control officers so ideal homes could be in stables, smallholdings, garden centres, warehouses and farms. All they need in return is feeding twice a day, access to fresh water, and somewhere warm and dry to sleep.


For the first four weeks they must be kept in a secure, enclosed area such as a stable/barn/shed/cabin, ideally in a large dog crate with a litter tray. This helps them adapt to their new location. If they're set free too soon, you will probably never see them again!

Our feral cats are neutered, micro-chipped (where possible), vet checked, FIV tested,  and worm and flea treated, so any donation (even some food) is always appreciated to help us continue our rescue work. 

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