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Our rehoming team will be available to support you after you have adopted your PCLT cat or kitten, especially during the first week or so when little questions may arise, or adivce can be needed. Here is some post adoption information you may find useful to prepare for your new addition/s.

General Information


It is VERY important to keep your new cat/kitten indoors for the time stated on our form for them to adjust to you and their new home. Please be aware of keeping windows and doors securely shut.


  • We recommend putting them into a small ‘safe’ room initially to help them adjust, and to make it easier for you to bond quickly


  • Your new cat/kitten may take a little time to adapt to their new surroundings. Please do not be alarmed if they do not eat much, use their tray, or have loose stools during the first 24 hours or so. This is not uncommon.


  • PCLT feed a mix of food as it is donation based, however a change in diet can affect their tummy. If they develop diarrhea feed plain cooked chicken until this settles down, then gradually re-introduce their normal food.


  • Feed a mix of mashed wet food and dry food, and always make sure they have access to a bowl of fresh water. Cats are dairy intolerant so please do not give them milk!



Medical Information


Unless otherwise discussed with you, and to the best of our knowledge, all our cats/kittens leave Pussycat Lodge care with a clean bill of health via our vets. Due to this we offer a 4-week charity insurance cover for illness and injury with PetPlan. This cover will end in 4 weeks so it is important to consider your options before your free cover expires.


However, should your cat/kitten become unwell within the first two weeks after adoption, we consider it our responsibility to treat them. Please contact us should the need arise before speaking to your own vet as we can ONLY arrange treatment using our own vet. 


When registering at your vet please also discuss ongoing flea and worm treatment, then apply this regularly according to their advice/treatment plan. Speak to your vet regarding your cat/kittens ongoing health plan, including annual vaccination boosters and annual health checks.


Microchip Information


All PCLT cats and kittens are microchipped and we will register their microchip/s to you within three weeks of adoption, so you have no need to worry about doing this yourself. You will receive an email confirming when this has been done, with details on what to do next and further advice if required.

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