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About Us


"It was over 40 years ago while living in London's East End that I first got involved with cat rescue. My son Jason, age 7 at the time, came home with a box of kittens; the box had been tightly sealed and the kittens left to die. I hand-reared and nursed these kittens back to health and found them all responsible, loving homes.

Word soon spread that I cared for cats, and soon I was being contacted by members of the public, the police (if they found injured or abandoned cats) and by local veterinary surgeries if they had cats in need of homes. In the early 1980's my family and I moved to Ingrave, Brentwood.  I had a bigger home I could now take in even more cats and kittens so I continued to rescue cats. Soon the cats were occupying more of our home than we humans! We decided to call our home Pussycat Lodge."

Jennie, Pussycat Lodge Trust Founder

Meet the PCLT volunteers!
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