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Microchip information

Pussycat Lodge microchip all of our cats and kittens prior to rehoming. We will also ensure the cat or kitten you have adopted from us is then registered to your details within 3 weeks of adoption. Having your cat microchipped is VERY important.

If you are unsure how microchips work, here is some general information that may help….

Microchips are for reunification purposes only and are NOT proof of legal ownership. They are used purely to help lost pets find their way home so having your pet microchipped and registered massively increases the chances of getting them back if they ever go missing.

This only works if the chip is registered, and THE DETAILS ARE CORRECT!

Once a microchip is implanted you will be given their number – THIS SHOULD BE KEPT SOMEWHERE SAFE. The vet or implanter will register your details against the chip on a DEFRA compliant database. The database company will email you to accept the registration and confirm the details are correct.

It is then YOUR responsibility to make sure the information stored against the chip is correct and kept up to date. Amending your contact number or address at your vets DOES NOT update the microchip – this must be done separately.

It's amazing how many cats we are unable to reunite due to microchip information being out of date.

Your pet should be scanned by your vet at its annual health check. It is rare, but microchips can become faulty, so it’s best to check they are still active.

All cat owners must have their cats microchipped and registered by 10th June 2024 due to new legislation. If your cat is not microchipped, it would be best to get this done sooner rather than later!

If you do not know if your cat is chipped, then take it to your vet to scan and they can advise.

If you know your cat’s microchip number, and want to check if its registered, you can search the chip number here - - then contact the database to confirm it is registered.

And finally, microchips do not contain GPS technology and are not a way of tracking your cat’s whereabouts!

Microchipping is very important so we hope this information is useful!

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