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Kerry Whitaker - Sponsor Secretary

My name is Kerry Whitaker, and I would like to introduce myself as the new Sponsor Secretary for the Pussy Cat Lodge Trust. First, I would like to thank Carol who used to be the Sponsor Secretary for would you believe 22 years. Her dedication to Pussy Cat Lodge Trust is very much appreciated in everything she did, so, thank you Carol for all your help and we all wish you luck with your re-location to the North of England.


I thought it would be a good idea to let you know a little bit about me, my cats and of course how I became involved with such an incredible charity.

I am a volunteer and agreed to take over the helm recently, so please bear with me until I get to grips with everything. I do have a part time job in the Motorcycle Industry dealing with the manufacturers and independent dealerships, but now that I have turned the great age of 65 and now part time, it has given me the opportunity to get involved with the love of my life, our furry friends. My husband and I visited the Pussy Cat Lodge Trust recently looking for another cat to adopt. Yes, you are right ‘another’ being the important word and the fact that we are cat mad (aren’t we all) it does not help of course when you are involved with them all the time and want to take every one of them home. We already have two rescue cats, Lilly who you see me with above and Maja, a long-haired tortoiseshell who is 16, with dementia but is still the usual sassy tortie diva that you would expect with tortoiseshells and those of you that have them will know exactly what I am talking about.  We did have a black cat Jerry, who was 9.5 kg (yes, a little panther) and was the life and soul of the household, we loved him so much but unfortunately in January this year he fell ill with a tumour and within two weeks we had to make the decision that none of us want to make.  Thus, my introduction to Pussy Cat Lodge Trust and the wonderful work they do, and another purr baby. We realised quite quickly that we needed more time to get over Jerry, but I knew I would like to get involved with the wonderful volunteers and the work the charity does. Rest assured there will be another Whitaker at some point.


I will be looking to develop the new ‘Mewsletter’ twice a year to keep in touch with you and let you know all that’s happening with the Trust and everything that’s going on, including events and new sponsor cats.


The Sponsor Cat Club is slightly different to the normal membership and supports the cats who unfortunately cannot be adopted due to ongoing medical needs. The Sponsor Cat Club donations help these throughout their lifetime, and we could not do it without the club. I would very much like to increase awareness and increase membership to the Sponsor Club, so if you have a friend or a member of the family that would like to join our club, please look on our website for the Sponsor Membership form, along with the payment form and of course the gift aid form, where we can claim back 25p in every £1 you donate.  Remember that without these donations we could not continue to look after our special residents.


Lastly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for looking at our website and especially the sponsor section.  I would love you to get involved with us, the more the merrier and for those of you who already do - Thank you. It means the world to us and to the Sponsor cats who rely so much on your donations daily.



Kerry Whitaker (Lilly and Maja) – Sponsor Secretary (and assistants)

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