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Nala and Bibi

Nala (long haired) is 11 years old and Bibi is 9 years old, both gorgeous tabby females needing to be rehomed from their existing home:

I'm absolutely desperate for help rehoming my two beautiful cats. They’re the absolute loves of my life but my second child is allergic. We have tried our best to manage the allergy for the past 15 months but she’s really suffering now and on permanent medication because of it. The thought of them leaving me rips my heart out so I want to know they’re going to a good place

They’re both female tabbies and both neutered. One prefers to be inside and only toilets with a litter tray as her first couple of years were spent with us in our flat so she is nervous to venture far. She can be timid at first but once she’s relaxed she is a total lap cat, they both are.

Nala (long hair) is approx 11 and Bibi is about 9. No health issues apart from Nala having a flea allergy but so long as she’s regularly deflead it’s not a problem.

I am willing to keep them until a good home is found because I couldn’t bare the thought of them going to and from various foster homes.

If you are interested in rehoming Nala and Bibi, please email Louise at

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