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Joe and Ben

Updated: 4 days ago

Joe (tabby and white) and Ben (black) - 7m old brothers

Ben (black) and Joe (tabby and white) were trapped as young kittens, so have taken a bit of time in foster adjusting to being with people. They are still shy with strangers but once they get to know you, they are happy to come to you and sit with you, especially if you have food! They are still wary about being stroked unless you can catch them asleep!

Joe is very lively and enjoys playing with toys, whereas Ben is a little lazy and prefers to watch and exert as little energy as possible. That said, they are very active and noisy before breakfast, when they can be heard chasing each other around the room and jumping up and down. They have been kept with other cats, so they would be happy in a home that already has cats, but they would also be happy just together. With some time and patience, they will make a lovely addition to a home.

No busy roads, or flats

NOT dog tested 

Ok with other cats

Quiet house preferred

Neutered, 1st vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flead.

Please ring Andrea on 07940 913 082 Monday to Saturday ONLY 9am to 6pm and leave a message with your FULL address.


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