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Updated: 5 days ago

Very friendly black cat 5-7 years old. Buster is now ready for homing! - This is Buster's rescue story, updated regularly:

May 16th - This is Buster who was straying in Wickford with a terrible head wound. He was, thankfully, brought to the attention of Pussycat Lodge Trust on Facebook by Lisa, a resident who had been feeding him. Anna Seymour saw it and arranged with Andrea (our warden) for Lisa to take him to Tari vets for proper treatment.

Previous to this, an RSPCA code had been obtained for him. Unfortunately, the first vet he was taken to in Wickford, was only able to give him an antibiotic injection and told Lisa to put him back in the garden and bring him back in a few weeks for neutering. Really not in Buster’s best interest, given the extent of his suffering - they didn't even try to clean the wound!

He had a really nasty wound, most likely from an infected bite - he wasn’t neutered so is more likely to have been in fights. He had a big operation, at Tari Vets in Shenfield, to remove the necrotic skin on his face and head. A massive infected abcess was under the scabbed over surface - poor boy must have been in so much pain. It’s been thoroughly cleaned out and stitched up and Andrea will continue to bathe it at home. He’s on antibiotics and pain meds so Is hopefully feeling a lot more comfortable.

May 18th - Fantastic news from the vet today! - Buster is FIV/Felv negative. That’s great news for his long term health and will also make it easier for him to find a home.

Buster was neutered while under anaesthetic to have his wound treated. This is so important as it will reduce the likelihood of him wandering off in search of love and mean he’s much less likely to get into fights in future. If only everyone would get their cats neutered, we wouldn’t see so many of these awful injuries caused by cat bites. He’s also been microchipped, flea and worm treated. He’ll be vaccinated soon.

Buster is doing well - Andrea is bathing his wound with salt water and it’s drying out well. He’s a really lovely, friendly cat, eating well, enjoying fresh chicken and taking all his meds.

May 27th - Andrea has continued to bathe Buster's wound twice a day and it's drying up and healing nicely. He is very happy to be out of pain and getting lots of love and good food.

May 31st - Buster has been moved to a big pen at the rescue and is now ready to find his forever home! He will no doubt miss Andrea but will get lots of love from the volunteers and will enjoy the extra space. He was starting to rub his head against the crate bars which wasn't great for his healing wound! He will have his 1st vaccination next week.

Jun 5th - Buster's wound is healing really well and he is enjoying love and fuss from the volunteers at the rescue. He is looking forward to someone choosing him to take home.

*No busy roads, or flats

*NOT dog tested

*Not cat tested

*OK with gentle children over 6 years

Neutered, 1st vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flead.

Please ring Andrea on 07940 913 082 Monday to Saturday ONLY 9am to 6pm and leave a message with your FULL address.



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