Updated: Mar 28

Black and white long haired 15 year old male

Boxer is a fussy cat with people, doesn't mind visitors or all sorts.

BUT he will need to go with a FEMALE ONLY home, as doesn't like men.

No young children or other cats.

He loves cat nip, his toys and the laser light, he bounces around chasing it.

He is a big boy and doesn’t like to be picked up, he loves to lay on you when you sit down, and will purr and snore away, he loves being under the duvet and very happy come to bed with you.

He loves his food and chicken, his favourite pastimes are sleeping and eating.

He does like to follow you in the mornings to the loo, his foster mum Cheryl feeds him first so she can go to the toilet in peace. He will sit outside the bathroom on his mat while you shower.

Boxer, fast asleep having his tummy tickled:

He will show you love on his terms, just let him settle in and he will show you his true nature and love.

Neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped,de-flead and wormed.

Please phone Andrea on 07940 913 082 between 9am-5pm ONLY