Updated: Oct 11

Long haired black male approx 7 years old

Billy was heavily matted and needed most of his fur shaved off.

He had been visiting a family for a few years being fed, in Hornchurch. The family are moving and decided they couldn't take Billy.

When Billy went to be neutered it was discovered he had an undescended testicle which was removed.

Billy is a very rare cat as an hermaphrodite, which doesn't effect his health and he know no difference.

Billy will let you stroke him and pick him up and will relax on a lap if you are quiet and gentle. He will be very handsome when his fur grows back.

Billy enjoying a lap:

*No busy roads or flats

*Children over 10 years old

  • NOT tested with dogs

  • NOT tested with other cats

He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, flead and wormed.

Please ring Andrea on 07940 913 082 Monday to Saturday ONLY 9am to 6pm only. If there is no answer leave a message.


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