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Updated: Apr 4

Gentle and cuddly - Fluffy tabby and white male - 7 years old.

Beautiful Benji was hanging around an old people's complex in Wickford for 6 months as a stray. We think he must have belonged to an elderly person who either died or went into care and he got left behind :(.

Someone was feeding him and trying to find an owner, but realised a couple of months ago that he couldn't eat. At this point, one of our lovely volunteers got involved, scanned him (no chip) and got him an RSPCA code to get vet treatment. The feeder took him to the vet where he had an antibiotic injection and pain relief. A home was lined up for him but unfortunately, Benji escaped from the feeder's house and went missing for 2 months!

When he was eventually found, that home was no longer available so Benji came into rescue with us. He has since had a dental and was feeling and eating much better. Unfortunately, his mouth is now sore again so he is back on meds to try to sort it. Thank goodness he is not still on the streets suffering!

Benji is normally very friendly, giving headbumps, loving strokes and is happy to be picked up. He has been a bit stressed, cooped up and in pain in the rescue, but is getting back to his loving self now. He is used to older children, a staffie dog and an older cat.

We think he would be best suited with an enclosed garden or catio, given his history of escaping and disappearing!

No busy roads, or flats - secure garden or catio

Ok with dogs

Ok with cats

OK with gentle children over 10 years

Neutered, 1st vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and flead.

Please ring Andrea on 07940 913 082 Monday to Saturday ONLY 9am to 6pm and leave a message with your FULL address.


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