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Beaux and Bonnie

Beaux - dark tortie (mum) under 2 years old.

Bonnie - tortie and white female 1 year old (Born Feb 23)

This beautiful family had been living rough in a garden in Clayhall, being fed by a resident. Mum, Beaux, lost her 2nd litter to foxes and, with the weather turning very cold and the worry that another litter of kittens could be born, the resident reached out for help.

The whole family was very timid when they first came into rescue. Sister Bella was adopted quite quickly and is now a really confident, friendly cat.

Beaux is a stunning cat and was the most timid of them initially, but she has recently come out of hiding more and started coming down to take food from volunteers. Great progress! Pretty Bonnie is quite wary of people touching her, but she doesn't hide away and is very food motivated! They would both benefit from someone who has the time and patience to earn their trust and give them the home they deserve at last. They could both be just as loving as Bella now is.

Brother Billy is also available for adoption - see his own page for details.

No busy roads or flats

NOT dogs tested 

Ok with other cats (with correct introduction)

No young children

Neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and deflead.

Please ring Andrea on 07940 913 082 Monday to Saturday ONLY 9am to 6pm and leave a message with your FULL address.

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