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Updated: Jun 6

Fluffy black and white male 10+ years old (not ready for homing yet). Max’s rescue story:

May 22nd - Max was straying in Wickford for many years. People were feeding him and letting him sleep in their home, but he was never taken to a vet to check for a chip or get him neutered. One very rainy day, Max was finally tempted into a concerned person's living room and shut in, so we were able to get him to our vet. Sadly, he wasn't chipped or neutered but he has been done now.

Max needs a complicated dental as he has 4 broken canines. Poor boy must have been in a lot of pain for some time. He may have to be referred for this surgery. He was fairly relaxed at the vet when he wasn't being handled. He probably hasn't been touched for a long time even though he is used to asking people for food to survive.

He has been blood tested for FIV and Felv - awaiting results.

May 28th- Fantastic news! Max tested negative for Fiv and Felv! Very lucky for such a long term stray.

Max has settled in to a pen at PCL and is eating well. He’s currently sitting inside a carrier most of the time to feel safe. I took him some chicken on Monday and sat on the floor talking to him. After a while, he felt comfortable enough to take chicken from my hand and let me stroke him. He’s so gentle! I ended up feeding him the whole pot.

Yesterday, Andrea took him to get his 1st vaccination. He was fine being handed and was a very sweet boy.

June 3rd - Max is in a bigger pen now with 2 older kittens - they are all getting on fine and the more timid kitten, Bud, hides in the carrier with Max. Max hisses and growls a bit when you first go in but is soon happy when given chicken and strokes.

Max is not ready for homing yet but updates on his progress will be posted here.



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